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A Game Of Luck & Skill

Poker will always be the top mention in every card game. Various international poker tournaments have been held and it has achieved an almost celebrity-like status for its top players around the world. Poker is not only dependent on luck, but at the same time requires skill, strategy, deception and great decision making, thus providing fun and excitement to its players. Players could master the game with enough practice and be ultimately crowned Poker Kings or Queens.

Conventional Poker

The conventional poker games are played at casinos or poker rooms. For recreational purposes, you can always gather few friends to start a game. However, local laws and restrictions must be observed. It is illegal to gamble at unlicensed premises.

Evolution of Poker

Computerized poker games started to gain popularity in the 90s. Players are usually pitted against an Artificial Intelligence or better known as AI that were programmed to be quite basic and simple. Another form of poker is video poker that is still made available in casinos. They are basically a digitalized poker game that proves to be less intimidating. Some players may feel uncomfortable to play live poker and they adjust themselves much better in the virtual a.k.a. online casino.

Online Poker Malaysia

Online poker Malaysia games were known to be purely for entertainment in the early 90s. At the rise of the internet, players usually play poker online over a chat platform such as IRC. The real online poker game which involves real money was concluded about 20 years ago. Starting from that period, it started to gain popularity. Online poker could be played with either artificial intelligence/ bot as well as real life players.

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Promotions and Security

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